logo and visual identity design

Logo and visual identity design

Your logo is the face of your business.


Your logo is more than just a pretty picture; it’s the heartbeat of your brand, the visual storyteller that speaks volumes about who you are.

A great logo isn’t just eye candy; it’s a business booster, creating a memorable first impression and setting the stage for lasting connections.

Think of it as the friendly face that introduces you to the world—inviting, approachable, and uniquely yours.

With our logo and brand design services, we’re not just crafting visuals; we’re sculpting the essence of your business into a visual masterpiece that leaves a lasting imprint.

Let’s bring your brand to life, one pixel at a time!

What is a brand?

“Brand” is a term that is often met with confusion. A brand is more than just a logo and pretty colours. It is like your business persona. It’s an all encompassing term on how your business looks, sounds, and behaves. 

What is a visual identity?

A visual identity is how your business looks. Your logo, colours, imagery, icons & typography. It also includes your all your marketing collateral, signage, the list goes on! This is where Hay! Sally’s zone of genius is, designing a visual identity.

Infographic about brand design and visual identity
What is a basic style guide?

What is a basic style guide?

A basic style guide defines your logo and outlines what colours and fonts you should use.   Logo, colour and typography are the three key components to your business's brand and visual identity. A style guide is needed to help keep key elements of your business's...

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What is a digital logo suite?

What is a digital logo suite?

A digital logo suite is a collection of different versions of your logo for use in print and screen/web applications.As a general rule of thumb, anything for: Print use CMYK 300dpi eps Screen / Web use RGB 72 or 144ppi jpeg or pngNow, let me explain all the...

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